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Technology today is drastically changing the way our children’s brains, motor skills, and social skills develop. Parents have to face many tough decisions from how to limit a child’s screen time to how to encourage them to get some physical activity on a daily basis. Combine that with the continually increasing rates of obesity, and it is a major health challenge in Australia today.

Currently, almost 25% of children are overweight or obese.

This is according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, and that number continues to rise

Founder of evoL Sports, Norman Felix, understands this and through his love and passion for children has created a solution. That’s where evoL Sports comes in: Our mission is to use sports and physical activity to empower children to live a healthier life, all while having fun.

It all started in 2011 while coaching his son and daughter one-on-one in basketball. As a parent, Norman wanted his children to have a positive experience with sports. He fell in love with coaching when he saw how rewarding the experience was for them both physically and emotionally. Norman has been empowering children through sports ever since, coaching hundreds of kids over the years.

Norman and his team of coaches have over seventy years of combined coaching experience in every sport from basketball and netball to martial arts, dance, and swimming. Together, they create custom sports programs for children aged two and up for childcare centre incursion, school holiday programs, basketball camps, and even birthday parties.

evoL Sports always maintains the pure intention of empowering children through sports.

                                Sports for Everyone

Unlike when children are told to eat their vegetables because it’s good for them, when children are guided by our expert coaches, they reap all the benefits of sports with no resistance because we make it fun for everyone! All of our coaches are trained to make the experience enjoyable and inclusive of all children—no matter their age, ability, or shyness.

                    Benefits of Sports for Children


  • Reduce the risk of obesity

  • Improve motor skills including coordination and balance

  • Develop stamina and endurance

  • Increase cardiovascular fitness

  • Lower risk of disease later in life

  • Promote healthy growth of bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons

  • Physically active children are more likely to grow into physically active adults.


  • Develop self-esteem and confidence

  • Reduce the risk of anxiety and depression

  • Improve social skills including communication

  • Increase concentration and focus

  • Learn sportsmanship and a positive perspective on life

  • Improve personal skills, such as cooperation and leadership

  • Improve mood by releasing chemicals in the brain triggering happiness and relaxation.

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