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Who is evoL Sports?

Norman’s passion for children is at the center of evoL Sports, starting with his own children and spreading out to all the hundreds of children he has coached over the years.

After a lifetime of loving sports and playing everything from soccer to cricket, Norman began coaching his son and daughter one-on-one in basketball and quickly realised the impact of sports on their growth and development. As a parent, he saw that there is so much more to sports behind the scenes, as it develops children’s motor skills, social skills, self-esteem, and has many health benefits. So, Norman spent the next three years coaching basketball teams including a position at one of the largest private schools in Victoria.

Shortly after in 2013, Norman decided he wanted to commit full-time to his passion for children and love of sports. However, combining the two brought him to look at sports from a different angle—it was no longer just about the love of sports and the sporting skill, it’s about all of the amazing development and benefits that children get from sports. This new perspective was mirrored by Norman’s own children suggesting that Love Sports is a good name, but “Why don’t you do it backwards, Dad?” In that moment, Norman and his family created evoL Sports.

Today, evoL Sports has grown beyond Norman’s early dreams of doing it all himself to include a team of coaches serving childcare centres, schools, and events all over Victoria. Norman ensures that every coach on his team carries the same enthusiasm for children and focus on development that is at the foundation of his coaching.

Every childcare centre incursion, basketball camp, school holiday program, and birthday party is based on the mission to have fun and empower each and every child to live a healthier life through sports and physical activity.

Areas We Serve

evoL Sports is located in Victoria, Australia and has coaches all over Melbourne and the surrounding area. Each pin on the map represents a coach’s location plus a radius of 15 km that they can service.

Find Your Coach

Click on the location nearest you below to read more about the coach or coaches serving your area, or scroll through and read about all of our awesome coaches.


Kylie — Head Coach

With over fifteen years of experience in the fitness industry, including more than eight years working with children from eight months to thirteen years of age, Kylie began coaching for evoL Sports in June 2015. As of 2018, she is the Head Coach in charge of developing the preschool, childcare, and primary school programs as well as mentoring all of the coaches to provide fun and engaging programs with a true passion for the children.

Kylie enjoys coaching to empower children to always be their best and try new sports and activities.  Even if a child doesn’t get a skill perfect as long as they are having fun and persevering attempting that is what matters.  Sport should be FUN at every age.   At evoL Sports we cover a range of activities / sports so that all children get to be a part of sport from a young age.

Certifications: Diploma of Fitness qualified, Children’s Fitness Trainer qualification, Children’s Boot Camp qualification, Certificate IV in Recreation Sports Coaching, Certificate III in Community Activity Programs, First Aid, and WWC check.

Coaching Experience: Qualifications in AFL, netball, soccer, and cricket. Experienced with many sports including kindergym, gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, perceptual motor programs, t-ball, tennis, and basketball.



Her interests include dancing. Celine has been dancing for 16 years and it has become a very important part of her life. She has been titled Senior state dancer 2 times. 

Celine is also a teacher at her dance school as well as teach primary school dance at her previous school. Currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing at La Trobe University in Bundoora.
Loves coaching because it makes her feel rewarded. She enjoys interacting with kids and seeing them smile. Coaching gives her the opportunity to spread her passion of living an active lifestyle. 

What The Children Say: The kids would say her coaching style is fun as it allows them to use their imaginations but still learn and accomplish different skills. 

Central Business District


Brodie is a well-rounded coach with experience primarily in basketball coaching, but he has also played football and swam. His good attitude from years as an athlete makes the children love him, as he is very patient and lots of fun.

What The Children Say: All programs are fun with Brodie!



Has a strong interest in health and fitness. Chris has experience in coaching kid’s aged 1-17 in various sports and worked in rehabilitation physio program’s. Chris has studied Allied Health.

He enjoys coaching because it is always rewarding to hear the final result of the session at the end when he knows the children have achieved something for themselves.

 What The Children Say: The kid’s would say his coaching style is fun, energetic and interactive.



Interests include playing and watching sport, particularly AFL. 

Been coaching sports for 7 years from 4 year old’s through to 18 year old’s, even some adults.

Currently studying Master of Teaching secondary in PE, health and outdoor education 

 Emily loves coaching because she loves knowing she is the reason a child learns a new skill and creating self confidence in those children. She loves having a positive impact on their lives and being able to put a smile on their faces.

What The Children Say: The kids would say her coaching is fun and exciting whilst still challenging them to push themselves to try new skills and activities.



Inspired by being a mother of three children, Eva loves working with children and providing them encouragement and confidence. She has worked with children ranging from preschool to year three primary school groups before joining evoL Sports. Her goal is always to create a great foundation to health, fitness, and emotional and social skills in the children while having fun! This is how she raised her children, and she coaches all other children like they are her own. Eva’s key coaching philosophies are inclusion, continual supportive encouragement, and making sports fun for all children regardless of their abilities.

Children are always excited when Eva arrives for sport.  Eva’s variety of challenging, engaging games and activities leaves the children wanting to come back for more!!

Coaching Experience: Eva’s experience in coaching began as a volunteer in special education programs for groups and individuals at her children’s school, including groups where the focus was providing structured motor skill developing and team building activities.

Bon Beach


Fiona has 24 years of experience as a Primary School teacher, with a particular interest in sport and physical education.  She enjoy’s helping children to develop their skills, confidence and love of sport during her coaching sessions. 

 She work’s hard to ensure her sessions are active, inclusive and fun and that every child can achieve success at their level of development.

 What The Children Say: The kids would say her coaching is fun.



Glenna loves and coaches basketball. She has many years experience coaching children are various age and skill levels.

What The Children Say: The kids would say her coaching is fun and they learn a new skill every session.



Attended a non mainstream school where apart of the curriculum was to frequently travel out to primary schools and deliver sport clinics. Although the children being primary school age weren’t 2-5YO, she enjoyed working with the youngest students (prep-grade 1) as she found she enjoyed herself more teaching beginners.

Grace loves playing basketball. She also went to sport school called SEDA College where their education was extensive lessons on coaching, running programs and the business side of sport.

What The Children Say: The kids would say her coaching is a lot of fun.

Glen Iris


Peter began his coaching career as a swim coach with children aged three to fifteen years of age. As an athlete he played football, basketball, cricket, and rugby union, which gave him the experience to branch out to coach many children in many sports over the years. Peter has volunteered as a football and basketball coach at a Special Developmental School where the students have a moderate intellectual disability. He has also volunteered at the Woolamai Surf Life Saving Club and coached their Nippers Program teaching the basic principles of surf lifesaving and beach safety.

Certifications: Certificates in Community Coaching and General Principles, as well as Auswim teaching, First Aid, and Life Guard qualifications.



Rebecca is a natural-born coach fulfilling her love of basketball through both playing and coaching children in the sport. She started playing basketball at seven years old and hasn’t stopped since. Rebecca incorporates a lot of fun into her coaching whilst also challenging the children. She wants the children to find time to laugh and be silly while doing sports as it’s the best way to enjoy it and improve at the same time.

Coaching Experience: Rebecca got her first coaching job when she was only fourteen years old teaching basketball to children aged five to sixteen years old.



Also known as Reza to his friends. Reza loves sport, in particular swimming and tennis. Reza has many years experience coaching children tennis and is also a swim instructor.

 What The Children Say: Kids would say Reza his coaching is fun and they run around a lot.



Peter loves Athletics and Basketball. 40 years of coaching experience, mainly at basketball.

 Currently studying Personal Training.

 Peter loves coaching because it develops relationships with young people. Watching them improve and develop is extremely rewarding

What The Children Say: The kids would say that he is fun but at the same time focused on their development.



Sidney loves playing and coaching soccer. She has played for over 23 years. But also played, American football, tennis, basketball, and volleyball. As well as worked at a sports summer camp for 6 years where she played all sports.

 Sidney has worked with children in Australia and America. She has coached soccer with kids for 3 years. Sidney has coached various ages such as from 2-18 and at different levels.

 What The Children Say: The kids would say her coaching is fun.

Narre Warren


I am a very active and bubbly person. I enjoy sport myself and love teaching it to young children. I have gained experience through my schooling as I finished year 11 and year 12 at a sport school where we would run clinics at schools for children.

 Vanessa used to coach children aged 2-6 every Saturday for a company called Ready Steady Go Kids.

 What The Children Say: The kids would say her coaching is a lot of fun.



Will is a 22 year-old Monash University student. He is a person who cherishes education and the importance of youths experiencing an active lifestyle. For this reason, he is currently undertaking a Master of Teaching course.

His passion lies in music, where he write songs in his spare time. He loves coaching, especially here at evoL sports as he gets to show kids that you can be active whilst having fun. Will also loves it because it can become a space where the shyer kids feel safe. A lot of communication happens during our sessions and he has seen kids opening up to him and their friends.

What The Children Say: The kids think his coaching style is one that reminds themselves to have fun and not feel the pressure to perform



Samantha has played and loved many sports in her life, starting with basketball at the age of seven. She later played netball and now plays women’s Australian rules football. Samantha truly enjoys sharing her passion for sports with the children in her programs.

Coaching Experience: Samantha has coached club basketball and is currently a swimming coach

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