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evoL Sports provides engaging sports programs for early learning centres, childcare centres, after-school care, and kindergarten classes. Our team of coaches—with over seventy years of combined coaching experience—put together a custom program specifically for your needs based on the age range of the children and the class size.

An activity program for toddlers two or three years old will be much different in length and activities than a program for six to ten-year-olds. However, one thing remains the same across all ages: Our sports programs are designed with children’s development in mind without sacrificing the fun.

Below you can see a selection of some of the activities and their benefits. Contact us for a customised program and quote according to your centre’s needs.

An evoL Sports Childcare Centre Incursion:

  • All equipment is provided.

  • An experienced evoL Sports Coach comes to your location on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

  • Sports and activities are chosen to cultivate positive social skills, improve motor skills, and much more all while having fun.

  • The variety and complexity of activities are customised to the age range of the children to keep them engaged.

  • Children are split into smaller groups so they get focused attention from the coach.

Some of the Activities Offered:

Follow the Leader — Being the leader is fun! This game helps us determine which children are shyer. The coach uses that knowledge to encourage those children to get out of their shell and lead their friends. It is a great no pressure confidence builder. Concentration, focus, and motor skills are also developed as the children get silly walking sideways and backwards.

Floor Ladder — This is another confidence builder as children begin walking in between the ladder rungs, then running, and with time they try it with one leg in and the other out. Coaches also mix it up with different games involving hopping in and out of the ladder.

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Ball Skills — The coach can make the session more challenging depending on the age and skill level of the children. Using the ball enhances hand-eye coordination, even if the children are just rolling the ball around their body and having fun.

Hoops Space — This one is a thinker! One child per hoop, but they have to keep moving into an empty hoop. It is quite interesting to see their minds working here as it teaches the children strategy, patience, and teamwork.

Parachute — A very popular activity where the children must work together to shake the balls off the parachute. The teamwork, coordination, and laughter leave the children with huge smiles by the time it’s over.

Potato Sack Races — Not only is it a blast running in a potato sack, children are learning to cheer on teammates, share the bag when their turn is over, and wait patiently in line for another turn.

Bean Bags — Our coaches use bean bags in many activities. One of the main ones is a balance game that requires the children to walk around while balancing a bean bag on their head. If it falls, they just pick it up and try again; but no matter their success, it teaches great concentration and coordination.

Relays — These are some of the most fun activities! Children learn team building as they root for their teammates regardless of who finishes first.

Additionally, we also offer: basketball, golf, soccer, egg and spoon races, balance games, catching, and hoop games.


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