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School holiday programs are a fantastic way to keep children active and engaged while they have time off school. The coaches at evoL Sports make sure that your child has a fun-filled and active day!

All of our activities and programs are centered around the mission to use sports and physical activity to empower children to live a healthier life, all while having fun. Children attending an evoL Sports school holiday program get to spend the day with a team of coaches with over seventy years of combined coaching experience in every sport from basketball and netball to martial arts, dance, and swimming. Between learning new skills and the physical and emotional benefits of sports, the children grow a lot and have a blast in a single day with us.

If you are a parent looking for a school holiday program for your child, reach out to us for our current events. If you are looking to organise a school holiday program for your club or organisation, contact us for a customised program and quote based on your group size.

An evoL Sports School Holiday Program:


  • Children are split up into smaller groups so no child is overlooked or left out.

  • Activities rotate every hour to keep the children entertained.

  • 45-minute lunch break to socialise and refuel for more fun.

  • Summer holiday program may include water sports, weather permitting.

  • Coaches cover any range of activities including basketball, “crazy athletics”, soccer, netball, etc.

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What is “Crazy Athletics”?

Crazy Athletics is a wild and fun program designed by the coaches at evoL Sports to primarily ensure the children are having a blast while at the same time burning as much energy as possible. Children go crazy for it, hence the name! All the children get involved and warmed up by running relays. Then we mix it up with bean bag games, laughter builds with potato sack races, silliness ensues as the children try to carry popcorn with their feet, and we wrap it up with hula hoop games and many more.

Why is an evoL Sports school holiday program unique?

Our team of coaches tailor the program specifically for your group. We have all the basic sports like basketball, cricket, and netball, but also some extra entertaining activities.

Some of the Activities Offered:

Parachute Sprints — We have a running parachute just like the ones used by many professional athletes, only ours are child-sized! The children slip it on and run as fast as they can, just for fun or to race each other.

World Cup Relays — Children love the world cup themed set of relays. The coaches guide them through everything from potato sack races to egg and spoon races. Great fun and great for developing teamwork!

School Holiday Programs

Portable Basketball Hoop — One child volunteers to strap a portable basketball hoop to their back—it’s not heavy, we promise! Then they can move around to make it extra challenging for the balls to make it through the hoop.

Minute to Minute Games — Timed games with a “minute to win it”. The pressure is on with a minute on the clock, which keeps children engaged and excited.

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Frisbee Games — Frisbees are so versatile that they can actually be used to replace a ball in any game for a refreshing twist. A few examples: Netball with all the netball positions and rules, but with frisbees. Football out on a football field scoring six-pointer goals with a frisbee. Even a version of golf called “frisbee golf” can be played where the “holes” are targets, such as a goal post on a football field, and the points are how many tosses of the frisbee it takes to reach the target. Frisbee games aren’t just fun, they develop hand-eye coordination and require some strategy to direct the frisbee.

Agility Drills — Another unique equipment piece our coaches use are the agility running poles. They are about a meter high and lined up in a straight line for the children to simply run zigzagging back and forth through the poles, to dribble a basketball while running through, or to even kick a soccer ball while running through. It sounds easier than it is, especially when the children work up to adding ball skills to the challenge.

Dance — An excellent physical activity that is an alternative to organised team sports, as some children may prefer individual sports. Our dance program is for prep to grade three.

Fun Fitness — This is our children’s boot camp! Activities can range from warming up with jumping jacks and squats to building agility with running or jumping through the floor ladder, and so many more.

Circus — The circus program incorporates all the fun and silliness of the circus into physical activity. Children get to do a tame version of their favorite circus acts using hoops, bean bags, parachutes, and other circus-style equipment.

By the end of the day, every child has smiled, laughed, and had a great time on their school holiday with evoL Sports.

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