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Our mission at evoL Sports is to use sports and physical activity to empower your children to live a healthier life, all while having fun.

Norman Felix, founder of evoL Sports, and his team of coaches have over seventy years of combined coaching experience in every sport from basketball and netball to martial arts, dance, and swimming.

Together, they create custom sports programs for children aged two and up for:

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Sports for Everyone…


No matter the program, evoL Sports always keeps the pure intention of empowering children through sports, all while having fun. As many studies show that taking part in a sport helps develop children’s self-esteem and confidence, our programs are specially designed to reinforce that confidence with a focus on cheering on teammates and words of praise or encouragement from coaches. Each and every coach is trained to make the activities enjoyable and inclusive of all children, no matter their age, ability, or shyness.

Benefits of evoL Sports Programs


A sports program goes much further than just having a child kick or toss a ball around. Under the surface, children are improving their physical, mental, and social well-being.

Physically, motor skills are improved, including coordination, balance, and fundamental movement skills; stamina and endurance are increased alongside cardiovascular fitness; and, the risk of obesity and disease is lowered.

Emotionally, social skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership are developed; self-esteem and confidence are improved; thinking processes including concentration and focus increase; and, the risk of anxiety and depression is reduced.

Beyond that, children learn the aspects of sportsmanship and a positive perspective on life because we encourage a focus on enjoying the activity and not on who wins or loses.


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